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Interior Trends for 2022

The past two years have re-shaped our world. Spending time in our homes has never been more important; our homes have become our sanctuaries.

We want our spaces to feel comfortable, reflect who we are, and be filled with things we love.

As we enter a new year, our team at Love Tree have explored projects, articles and spaces of top Interior Designers and experts, from Australia and around the world. This has inspired our product designs and collection curation for the year ahead.

While we wouldn't consider ourselves 'style followers' here at Love Tree, there have been some new and emerging interior design trends that we've found too tantalising to ignore. Here's what's inspiring us to transform and update our spaces in 2022.

1. Clean Lines

With so much drama in the outside world, is it any wonder we are drawn to soothing, smooth lines in our living spaces?

Our desire for order is perfectly encapsulated in the Selene Coffee Table and Selene Side Table, with matte gold beams and sultry translucency, Selene offers flair and dimension to your space.

The less-is-more look is being seen throughout our homes. Perhaps it's the re-emergence of mid-century design, as we're seeing more sleek and minimal aesthetics in kitchens, landscaping and architecture.

When it comes to finishes, it's clear that rose gold has had its time. Yellow gold, brass, glass and mirror surfaces are where it's at in 2022.

2. Curves

It's been smouldering for a while, but we just can't shake our love affair with all things curvy. Loved by interior designers and fashion influencers alike, this retro trend has been reimagined for the 21st century — and we can't get enough of it!

As so exquisitely seen in the Roxy Armchair, available in dreamy Milk and daring Black. Oh, and did we mention it swivels?

Although these chubby chairs can be quite cumbersome, they are the perfect piece to brighten up your bedroom, fill that empty corner in the living room, or take a break in your home office.

Chubby, chunky, huggy. Basically, if it's big and round - we love it. And when it comes to upholstery fabric, it's all about lustre and texture.

Boucle was certainly 'the' fabric of 2021, but it will take a back seat this year, making way for some other textile big timers. Think velvet, corduroy, thick woven linens and washed cotton.

3. Vibrant Block Colours

While neutrals never fade away, we predict there will be more scope to play with bold brights in 2022. We've been big fans of vibrant colours and patterns since Love Tree's very first collection. So it's fair to say, we're pretty ecstatic about this block colour trend.

From dusky to dazzling, rosy tones will continue to adorn our lives with cosiness, as seen in the Disco Headboard in colour Peach.

We'll see more bold retro colours like mustard yellows, rusty oranges, hot pinks, violet, plums, olive green, teal and petrol blues.

Pantone has listed its colour of the year as 'Very Peri' - a bluey, violet tone. While Dulux UK has dubbed 'Blue Skies' as this years pick.

Colour is a big part of Love Tree's latest range, Rapture. A collection of luxury furniture pieces inspired by vintage rock and last century glam. The Vogue Armchair and matching ottoman are available in an array of delicious colours; Caramel, Teal, Terracotta and Nougat. While the Diana Dining Chair spruces duo colour tones of pastel pink paired with yellow, and baby blue with teal.

4. Geo Prints

Perhaps as an extension of our desire for clean lines, geometric prints are making waves in a big way.

As much as we love a big floral, paisley, or botanic print - we're excited to see big stripes, curved lines, checkered and swirly designs across rugs, cushions and home decor.

The trend for patterned floors is also on the rise, with Pinterest seeing more and more searches for checkered floors. Zigzag, chevron, stripes and grooves will also be seen across floors and walls. Helping to elevate this trend is the launch of Surround by Laminex.

When it comes to the Love Tree collection of geo prints, at the top of our list is the bold and playful Walter Rug, which can add graphic tones to any room.

5. Marble & Stone

The last couple of years have seen many of us spending our excess free time outdoors; finding comfort connecting with nature. This has brought about a stronger consideration for sustainable materials, while man-made and synthetic materials are becoming less desirable.

From this, we've seen a strong return of natural marble and stone furniture. Especially in key living space pieces such as coffee tables, side tables and dining tables. And when we say marble, it's not all about the classic white Calcutta and Carrara stone. It's about the colour - the pink Rosetta and green Serpentine marble.

Our good friends at En Gold have the most divine range of marble plinths and tabletops, some of which you can see for yourself and shop at our Chapel St, Prahran Store.

But the love of natural stone doesn't stop at furniture. We've curated a range of unique marble decor and accessories, including vases, trinket boxes, display trays, bookends and more.

6. 80s Vibes

Last on our run-down, but always top of our minds, is wonderful, workable Rattan. Once it was more likely to be seen on the verandah, but it continues to make its way inside our homes and hearts in 2022.

Made famous in the '70s by the pop-culture classic the Peacock Chair - rattan has been a long time love-affair. Dipping in and out of popularity among interior designers over the decades.

If you've been a fan of Love Tree from the beginning you'll know that our first ever product was the Peacock Bed Head - a twist on the vintage favourite. Some could even say, we brought rattan back to the 21st century. But like everything else, our style has evolved. Our rattan hero pieces have more of an 80's air to them. The latest additions to our Lorenzo collection are a highlight of 2022.

But it's not just rattan that we've taken from 80's interior aesthetics. It's the glitz and glamour blended with chunky, plush designs and the ultimate level of comfort.

So there you have it. The 6 interior trends of 2022 that will elevate your home and inject a combination of vintage & contemporary charm. At Love Tree Interiors we continue to push the boundaries and challenge the interior design trends. We believe that modern and retro inspired furniture and homewares can coexist, creating conversation and creative expression into your home or commercial project. Love Tree Interiors will allow you to explore your creative expression with our latest collection of furniture lighting, homewares and textiles.

And… we can't wait to introduce later in the year our Winter 2022 collection, where will continue to curate more colour, more amazingness, more statement pieces and more love.