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Introducing Rapture: A Glam & Pop Rock Range

Introducing 'Rapture' - our brand-new range of furniture inspired by the glitz & glam of a bygone era.

Dramatic in design and generous in proportions, this luxurious collection is fashion meets furniture. It's both a customer and designer's delight, drawing on a range of indulgent influences from vintage costuming, fabrics and feels, to the vibrancy and vigour of iconic pop rock personalities.

Named after the 1980 Blondie song, many pieces in Rapture reference an artist of the disco Studio 54 scene, embodying the funk and flair of 70s design to the glam rock and pop of 80s design. Aesthetic and form wise, the upholstery, textures, shapes and styles are more obviously inspired by the trends of 20s design.

From curvy chairs and couches to glass topped tables and lamps, all products are striking, inviting and unique, and unlike anything else on the market. Soft, luxe fabrics like velvet and corduroy, crushed cotton, fleecy bouclé and linen are juxtaposed against hard lines and matte gold finishes - sumptuous cushioning sitting pretty within solid frames.

Whether you've after something modern, minimal and monochromatic in black and white, cream or grey, or a bright and bold centrepiece for a room in dusty pink, green, or brown, there just might be the perfect product from Rapture to suit your taste and space...


The first thing you might notice is how we are continuing to diversify our designs and step out of our cane-centric comfort zone (rattan furniture). Where wicker style weaves and criss-cross patterns once dominated, we're sticking to the plush path of the Parker Range where comfort - not just design - is key.

The puffy furniture trend came into fashion a few years ago, and it appears to have no intention of going away – which we love! Whilst thin is often in for people, chubby is now quite a superior shape for furniture.

Our new Roxy pieces (named after Bryan Ferry's English glam rock band Roxy Music) have curves in all the right places. Its contours blend our modern-day penchant for plumpness with early elements of bold Art Deco club furniture, as three layers of opulent cotton velvet upholstery meet a brushed brass, stainless-steel base.

With swollen folds of fabric reminiscent of Renaissance art's chubby cherubs (or putto in Italian), the Roxy Swivel Arm Chair (available in jet black or Scandinavian style white) is tactile to the touch, and oozes a kind of coquettish and chilled-out charm – and it will turn 360° as well as turn heads! The Roxy 3-Seater (also in your choice of black or white) is a fixed, lengthened version, just right for putting your feet up with the family, or stretched out by yourself for an afternoon siesta.


Strike a pose! Our Vogue Ottomans and Armchairs are a clash of 80s chutzpah and colour, and 70s softness and geometric design.

The lounge ready love child of Queen of Pop Rock Madonna and French furniture designer Pierre Paulin, prepare to sink down and snuggle up in its ribbed contours of corduroy.

With shallow proportions perfectly designed for reclining and unwinding in style, you'll never want to get up again.

Available in 4 different colours - Teal, Terracotta, Caramel and Nougat.


Strong, slim and angular (like their rhythmic pop rock namesake, Grace Jones) our Grace Dining Chairs turn their curved backs on the cosy and colourful designs of the 70s and 80s, and seek inspiration further back in time to 1920s design.

When we think of the Roaring Twenties, we think Art Deco furniture and flair. Lavish fabrics, sharp lines, mixed metallics, and decor that is as eclectic as it is stylish. When WWI ended, optimism and economic prosperity took its place, bringing new money and luxury. Think the black and gold glamour of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, for example.

Our Grace Dining Chairs are a fusion of these fashionable interior design traits. The lush crushed cotton velvet seat and back rest is an indulgent element of Art Deco, and the sleek, matte gold brushed brass is indictive of the Jazz Age. And overall, the elegantly proportioned, sharp yet simplistic silhouette is a staple of Bauhaus design.

Whether you live in a new build, bungalow, a large home or small apartment, these swanky seats will add a splash of sophistication to any space!

Available in either black or almond colour.


Just like its iconic and charismatic musical namesake Diana Ross, these chairs have a fluid and flirtatious form.

Costumed in a combination of three common geometric design colours – spruce green, almond white and sherbet pink – they are a great addition to a not so traditional dining room or home entertainment space.

With rounded edges on every side, padded seating and a log shaped back rest, these Diana chairs do away with the need to relocate to the lounge when dinner or games night is over. You can now sit comfortably at the table for as long as you wish.


Boxy with a blend of birchwood and bouclé, our Paloma Armchairs are right on trend.

Aptly named after the Latin for dove and peace, these chairs beckon you to drop down within their concave walls and be enveloped in their arms. Sit back and relax, read a book, put on a pop rock record or catch up on some TV time.

A strong wooden frame is tucked away under grey and white upholstery, with the fabric appearing fluid and in the shape of a ‘H'. Symmetrical in their structure and form, solid yet soft, they have a hint of Scandinavian style about them too, with their cold climate, Nordic colour palette and snow-like textured bouclé. 

Comfort and cosiness aplenty!

Selene & Solitaire

Unashamedly decadent in their design, our Selene Art Deco coffee tables and side tables are uber stylish, striking and distinctive.

Sumptuous and confident, they are an instant signature centrepiece to your living room space. Strong symmetrical and geometrical gold lines form shapes and layers, providing support as well as visual balance and boldness to the piece.

These sexy sidekicks feature smoked glass tops with a stainless-steel brushed brass-plated base, circling back to the materials used in our Grace Dining Chairs. They can double too as bedside tables or be sidled up beside the sofa.

Our Solitaire counter stools (available in black and white) are almost unrecognisable as pieces of furniture. Tall, slimline and rectangular, the Maya White one in particular, is a heavenly juxtaposition of a smooth and solid frame with a pillow top perch. A grouping of gleaming gold and fleecy white, it's the type of wait-your-turn chair you'd expect to find floating in front of the pearly gates!


Bring a touch of the trendy tropics to your humble abode!

These Palm shaped Art Deco floor lamps and table lamps will brighten up any room - literally - with glowing globes under delicate and detailed, golden fronds.

Much like the Parisian music hall performances of Josephine Baker in the 1920s, decked out in pearls, palm leaves and very little else, these lamps are effortlessly exotic and just a little bit Sunset Boulevard.

They also bring the outdoors in, minus the mess. Just the way we like it!

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