Summer Styling with Nicole Rosenberg

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Interior designer and founder of Liberty Interiors, Nicole Rosenberg, began decorating the bedrooms of her children, friends and family after becoming a mum. Passionate about producing calm, happy yet fun spaces for children, her aim was to have their individuality and desires reflected in their rooms. However, her interior design flare now also extends to homes, where she works closely with architects to produce relaxed and inviting spaces for the entire family.

Nicole has been a big supporter of Love Tree Interiors from the very beginning, using a lot of our products in her design projects over the years. Also based in Melbourne, she knows all about tackling four seasons in one day and having homes appropriately dressed for the season.

Coming into the holidays, it's all about embracing a summer style. From breezy fabrics and cool colours, to natural lighting, and outdoor influences, it's the best time of the year to brighten and revive your mood and open up your home to friends and family as you celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year.

So, whether your house is big or small, your primary residence or your holiday home, read below to get Nicole's summer styling tips for your home this holiday and festive season...

Style – what type of interior design style best sums up summer?

I have to admit - I'm a big fan of colour when the sun comes out! So, I'm definitely more of a pop of colour kinda girl! Especially since we live in Melbourne and I feel like our winters drag on for so long - it's such a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with bright colours in your interiors, clothes and entertaining accessories. I think interior trends that can work beyond summer too includes colours like bold greens and dusty pinks that can still be incorporated into different rooms of the house, whereas colours such as yellow or orange, for example, may not have the same longevity throughout the year.

Spaces – where are you going to spend most of your time in summer?

Definitely the backyard for me - but it's always fun to add a little festive cheer and colour to the front veranda as well! I love completely revamping my outdoor entertaining zones for summer by including different cushions and entertaining and serving ware accessories. It creates a really fun and relaxed mood and you instantly feel like you are on a summer holiday in your own home. I also love adding in colour into my kitchen with colourful florals and also coloured napery and table clothes if I'm entertaining inside.

Colours – could it be time for a lick of paint and what colours are good for summer?

Absolutely! A lick of paint in the house can completely transform a room and what better time to do it that the summer holidays. I think you can have colour anywhere and everywhere in the house, but if you are a little hesitant, it's always really fun to deck your powder room out in a bold colour or wallpaper. It's a great way for your guests to get a little surprise when they go off to use the ladies/men's room and gives a little insight into your personality without having bold colours throughout the rest of the house. I always encourage clients to use colour in occasional rooms and go bold with it - such as a study or lounge room. I'm still loving the peachy hued 'coral' trend and have recently painted a whole room in this colour with matching curtains. It also works well in smaller doses, such as homewares or furniture.

Textures – what types of fabrics should we embrace in summer?

Traditionally, the summer style is light and airy to suit the weather. I love textured curtains in linen when you need to block out light (in bedrooms) and sheers in living spaces where you just want to filter the light. I usually have doors closed because I hate flies so much, but it would be lovely to have the doors open and the breeze coming though. Window dressings are a really important part of design too, as you need to take into account the functionality of your window treatment (and sometimes you need two on a window such as sheers and rollers) whilst still thinking about the look and texture of the colour you select.

Lighting – should we focus on natural light and should certain rooms be lit differently?

The best lighting is natural light for sure, that can be filtered as you need. For example, west facing light can be very piercing in a space, and if you have picked a 100% linen fabric then it's definitely going to fade! I'm not a big fan of down-lights (although I understand they are necessary) and always opt for mood lighting with light shades and pendants and also table lamps that are softer on the eye.

Furniture – what items of furniture suit a summer style home?

Outdoor entertainment pieces, rattan, planters (bringing the outside in). I'm loving the outdoor Poly Rattan range as it's something that will stand the test of time in pure white and white - you can then have fun and change up your decorative cushions and colours from year to year! The Louis Planters (in Olive and Black) which can be used either outdoors or indoors are a great way to revamp the old 'pot in plant' look as it will give your plants a more interesting designer feel. The Papasan Chair and Papasan Two-Seater Sofa screams summer with its rattan frame and pastel coloured cushion – and it's a great way to get the look of summer all year round in your home!

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