Love Tree Interiors & the Circular Economy

Love Tree Interiors & the Circular Economy

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A love letter to all our amazing customers. 

As you may have noticed, some changes are happening here, and we thought we would share with you some insights into those changes.

Our collections have always been inspired by nostalgic designs spanning from midcentury to 80's deco and boho chic 70's. Since the inception of The Family Love Tree in 2012, our products have always aimed to evoke childhood memories, and that has been and always will be our signature touch.

But our passion for all things Vintage has grown even stronger over the last few months.


You may recall our announcement just before Christmas about phasing out the Rattan Range and shifting our focus to new collections this year. During this transformative period, what has truly captured our hearts has been falling even deeper in love with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, curating them into collections and giving them new life.

So, what does this mean for us?

You can expect to see a lot more vintage collections, fewer imported furniture and homewares, and hopefully, a plethora of inspiring, unique pieces.

And why are we making these changes?

Allow us to share our "why" with you.

The zero waste movement is finally gaining momentum, and concepts like upcycling, recycling, and repurposing are becoming increasingly vital responses to environmental concerns such as overflowing landfills, pollution, and unsustainable production and disposal of consumer goods.

Love Tree Interiors has long embraced the principles of the circular economy, and we're excited to elevate our commitment even further. That's why we're thrilled to introduce meticulously curated collections featuring unique, often one-of-a-kind vintage pieces sourced from around the world. Crafted with premium materials that stand the test of time, these pieces are designed to last a lifetime. By upcycling them, we're not only preserving their charm but also ensuring that waste is kept out of landfills and oceans.

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle not only reduces pollution and conserves resources but also helps protect ecosystems. More importantly, it empowers us as a community to be part of the solution.

We hope you're as excited about this new phase as we are and that you'll join us on our mission to do our part. You too can change the way you purchase by adopting a more thoughtful and considered approach.

If you want to learn more or share your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at