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The Return of the Swivel Chair

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The formally kitschy swivel chair, once just a denizen of the office, has made a big move into the rest of our homes in 2022. Multifunctional, comfortable, and stylish, swivel chairs have quickly spun themselves to the top of our must-have list.

There have been many reincarnations of the swivel chair from the sturdy, wooden based designs of the 60's & 70's, to the tub shapes popular in the 80's, today's generation have been reimagined in fresh and modern ways - combining unique shapes, concealed functionality, and new luxe fabrics.

Rapture Roxy

Our velvet swivel chair, Roxy. Available in Milk and Black.

These amazingly versatile seats are so adaptable they can be used in almost any room of the house, but are particularly useful in the living room, or spaces with more than one focal point. One twist can allow you to take in the view out the window, gaze into the fireplace, or zone-out to the TV, all while maintaining the chic silhouette and comfortability of a regular armchair.

Because they allow for movement they create adjustable conversation areas, perfect for those who love to entertain. It's easy for guests to pivot to wherever the action is, joining a larger conversation, or chatting with someone one-on-one. They allow you to maximise the layout and utility of a space without adding extra furniture and are perfect for creating different zones in an open floor plan.

Not just content to be a star of the living area, the swivel chair makes an excellent addition to bedrooms as well. Tuck one in the corner for a cosy reading nook, or if you have the space, pair two together to create the ultimate couple's retreat.

Our corduroy swivel armchair, Vogue. Available in Terracotta, Caramel, Teal & Nougat.

Our contributions to the swivel craze combine our love of plush fabrics, chunky shapes, and metal accents, with a full 360º degree swivel, to create a stunning and functional statement piece. Sink into the parallel contours of corduroy in the Vogue Armchair, available in 4 striking colours, or cuddle up to the velvety vixen Roxy, available in creamy Milk or bold Black. One spin is all it takes.