The World According to Laura Gonzalez

The World According to Laura Gonzalez

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Laura Gonzalez's furniture designs are not just the result of her artistic vision but also a testament to her fruitful collaborations with skilled artisans.

Through partnerships with renowned craftsmen and craftswomen, Gonzalez has managed to create exquisite and unique pieces that epitomize elegance and craftsmanship. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of collaboration in Gonzalez's work and delve into some of her remarkable collaborations with fine artisans.

For the grand opening of her gallery, Gonzalez collaborated with four other talented craftspeople to produce a series of one-off and limited-edition pieces. Paris designer and decorator Thomas Boog adorned vintage vases with his signature seashell embellishments, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to each piece. Lyon-based maker Véronique de Soultrait brought a nautical feel to the BEAU-JOUR COCKTAIL TABLE by expertly wrapping its base with rope.

Ceramist Véronique Rivemale, operating from her studio in Burgundy, pushed the boundaries of creativity by imagining a side table adorned with leaves, reflecting Gonzalez's affinity for nature-inspired designs. These collaborations showcased the diversity and versatility of Gonzalez's work and highlighted her ability to work harmoniously with different artisans across various mediums.
Working alongside Paris-based ceramist Jean Roger, Gonzalez has brought to life a stunning series of mirrors and lamps. Roger's expertise in ceramics shines through in these creations, adding a touch of sophistication and artistry. The meticulous attention to detail in each piece demonstrates the harmonious collaboration between Gonzalez's design sensibilities and Roger's craftsmanship.
Gonzalez's furniture designs are a testament to the power of collaboration between designers and artisans. By partnering with skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, she has been able to bring her artistic vision to life and create unique, awe-inspiring pieces. Through these collaborations, Gonzalez continues to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship in the world of furniture design.
In her endeavor to push the boundaries of innovation, Gonzalez partnered with Fabienne L'Hostis, a raku artist based near Cannes. Together, they created the mesmerizing RAINBOW DINING TABLE - its top adorned with interlocking geometric shapes. The marriage of Gonzalez's visionary design and L'Hostis' expertise in raku pottery results in a captivating and contemporary piece that seamlessly blends art and functionality.

Gonzalez's commitment to excellence is evident in her choice to collaborate with artisans from Murano, Venice - the world-renowned hub of glassblowing. The ethereal beauty of the glass petals adorning her LILYPAD CHANDELIER reveals the skillful mastery of Murano artisans. Mouth-blown with precision and care, these delicate elements enhance the overall allure of Gonzalez's designs, elevating them to true works of art.