Who Were Loving On The Gram Love Tree Interiors

Who We’re Loving On The Gram

Bree Leech @breeleech

If you don’t love lush interiors…look away. Her feed is next level interior design and styling and makes you want to elevate your home with colour and texture. Not shy of a lilac wall or peach coloured sofa, it’s using colour with confidence and Bree shows you how it’s done. She’s our kinda gal.


Sarah Pickersgill Brown @sarah.pickersgill.brown

From what started out as The Bear Cub Club, Sarah has grown her account to over 60K followers and a grid full of drool worthy interiors. What sets Sarah apart from the rest is her energy and enthusiasm for DIY and renovating. Sweet sepia hued images fuel her feed and feature a blend of children’s rooms, women’s apparel, DIY, home decor, style and beauty.


Jenna Holmes @plantmama_

Look, any account with plants and pasta has our tick of approval off the bat. A self described ‘chief jungle builder’, Jenna fills her feed with living sculptures, walls of greenery and indoor jungles. Her eclectic and organic style is wild and encouraging. Slide on through to @pasta_mama_ to inspire your taste buds as well.


Tess Guinery @tessguinery

Tess’s dreamy imagery and poetic words transport you to another place. Known best for her book, ‘The Apricot Memoirs’, she has a new collection of words coming in November 2021. We love her craftily composed abstract images in amongst the screenshots of written word and poetry. It’s truly something special.


Sophie Bell @peppahart

Sophie is the woman behind bespoke creative design agency, Peppa Hart Studio, while also running her gram, a family and maintaining the luscious home @casa_campana. Set amongst the trees in northern NSW, her home is a dream pad inspired by a Mediterranean farmhouse and featuring all things white and arched. Her authentic approach and blissful aesthetic are a alluring and enchanting.


Three Birds Renovations @threebirdsrenovations

Responsible for the home of Sophie Bell (above), Bonnie, Lana and Erin take us on a visual journey of building and renovating homes throughout Australia. The three besties and mums have also started an online renovation course, The Reno School so we can all design and style our own dream homes too. With over 830K followers, the visual of their feed is light and airy and has all the latest trends on display.


The Design Files @thedesignfiles

Need I say more? If you’re not on the TDF bandwagon you’ve been missing out. We love spying through the most stunning homes in Australia and it’s the rich collection of stunning photographs that keeps us coming back. Founded by Melbourne stylist Lucy Feagins way back in 2008, it’s got to be one of the longest-standing blogs/insta accounts with a cult following.


Josh & Jenna @joshandjenna

Local Melbournites Josh and Jenna have a drool worthy grid full of family, interior styling, DIY projects and hot renovations. Their cottage sized home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is both relatable and enviable and shows us exactly what can be achieved with some strict organisation and an eye for style. They have also reimagined living with kids and show us that your home doesn’t need to look like a daycare centre and be ruled by tiny tots.