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Each of our chairs come with a custom made cushion with button detail in a range of soft upholstered fabrics in a range lush velvets and linens.

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  1. Curve Arm Chair - Cream
    Curve Arm Chair - Cream
  2. Curve Arm Chair - Peach
    Curve Arm Chair - Peach
  3. Curve Arm Chair - Amber
    Curve Arm Chair - Amber
  4. Lorenzo Lounge Chair
    Lorenzo Lounge Chair
    As low as $749.00
  5. Laguna Hanging Chair
    Laguna Hanging Chair
  6. Latitude Lounge Chair
    Latitude Lounge Chair
    As low as $699.00
  7. Latitude Lounge Chair White/Natural
    Latitude Lounge Chair White/Natural
    As low as $769.00
  8. Latitude Lounge Chair Black/Natural
    Latitude Lounge Chair Black/Natural
    As low as $769.00
  9. Curve Arm Chair - Maya
    Curve Arm Chair - Maya
  10. Curve Arm Chair - Petrol
    Curve Arm Chair - Petrol
  11. Chloe Arm Chair
    Chloe Arm Chair
  12. Chevrolet Dining Chair
    Chevrolet Dining Chair
  13. Lulu Dining Chair
    Lulu Dining Chair
  14. Fleur Dining Chair
    Fleur Dining Chair
  15. Adeline Arm Chair
    Adeline Arm Chair
  16. Pool Side Chair - White
    Pool Side Chair - White
    Special Price $214.50 Regular Price $429.00
  17. Pool Side Chair - Black
    Pool Side Chair - Black
    Special Price $214.50 Regular Price $429.00
  18. Papasan Chair
    Papasan Chair
    As low as $1,195.00
  19. Bungalow Dining Chair
    Bungalow Dining Chair
  20. Madeline Arm Chair
    Madeline Arm Chair
    As low as $395.00
  21. Rattan Patio Chair /Blk Legs
    Rattan Patio Chair /Blk Legs
    Special Price $189.00 Regular Price $329.00
  22. Love Chair Natural
    Love Chair Natural
    As low as $495.00
  23. Slouch Chair Natural
    Slouch Chair Natural
    As low as $529.00
  24. Retro Peacock Chair
    Retro Peacock Chair
    As low as $895.00
  25. Lady Peacock Chair Natural
    Lady Peacock Chair Natural
    As low as $849.00
  26. Lady Peacock Chair White
    Lady Peacock Chair White
    As low as $849.00
  27. Peacock Chair Natural
    Peacock Chair Natural
    As low as $795.00
Shop By

36 Items

per page

Chair the Love!  

We have the most incredible places to sit. Whether your resting style is a sprawled upon our opulent Peacock chair, or sunning yourself on top of the geometrically inspired Zambezi, or burrowing under a blanket, lulled into sleepy satisfaction by our Zulu hanging chair, The Family Love Tree offers an extraordinary range of breathtaking rattan and poly rattan furniture.

Or imagine a lazy afternoon, a sunny spot and you in one of our serene Slouch Chairs, these 60’s style natural little loungers come with a matching ottoman. And the Round Chair makes a gorgeous addition to any sunny spot in your world, this is furniture karma telling you “sit down, you deserve it”

From dining chairs and patio chair through to statement furniture pieces, The Family Love Tree designs are envisioned here in Melbourne and crafted in communities across the globe, where our dedication to sustainable manufacturing and support of the communities bringing our designs to life are prioritized. 

Perfect for an afternoon just lolling

On a quest to capture something special in your home? If you’ve fallen in love one of our quirky petal back Love Chairs, and it isn’t available in the shade you need to see, then choosing your favourite hue from our Custom Create option will solve all your decorating problems. The Custom Create option allows you to select a colour and even soft upholstery. Simply choose from our palette and we’ll ship your custom creation to your door within 8 - 16 weeks. 

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