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Designed in Melbourne and hand made by skilled artisans, The Family Love Tree bedsides are a collection of delightful accessory pieces that practical, functional, sustainably sourced and designed with an eye for all things lush, loose and harmonious. 

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  1. Latitude Side Table
    Latitude Side Table
  2. Palm Springs Side Table
    Palm Springs Side Table
    As low as $359.00
  3. Carrington Side Table Black
    Carrington Side Table Black
    As low as $259.00
  4. Carrington Side Table Natural
    Carrington Side Table Natural
    As low as $349.00
  5. Lulu Bed Side Cabinet White
    Lulu Bed Side Cabinet White
    Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $295.00
    Out of stock
  6. Lulu Bed Side Cabinet
    Lulu Bed Side Cabinet
  7. Claude Bedside Table White
    Claude Bedside Table White
    Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $295.00
  8. Claude Bedside Table Black
    Claude Bedside Table Black
    Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $295.00
    Out of stock
  9. Lady Peacock Table Natural
    Lady Peacock Table Natural
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $225.00
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13 Items

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Whether it’s the perfect spot to rest your morning coffee cup or rest a generous stack of your favourite reads, the ideal bedside table is more than just a surface- it’s an art-piece within itself, worthy of inspiring conversation, with just the right amount of curious and lovely in equal parts.  

Within our range, you’ll find a charming selection of bedside cabinets and bedside tables to meet the most eclectic tastes, from the sophisticated and sleek surfaces of our Carrington range, through to the enchanting Lady Peacock table in natural and beyond into the cylindrical charm of the sweet latitude side table.

Premium grade rattan is used to bring our envisioned designs to life. It’s an easy care, high-quality material that lasts beautifully, offering modern appeal or old world charm with striking ease. Take, for instance, the glamour of our Carrington black bedside table and the sophisticated accent of a smoky glass shelving, or the vibrance of Claude in fresh glossy white. And just for those who prefer a classic, the Lulu will bring functionality and a hint of French flavour into your life!

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