5 Reasons To Work With a Interior Stylist

When it comes to choosing the right furniture, accessories, wall colours and floor coverings for your home, it can all just feel a little overwhelming

Injecting colour and personality into a home is a big part of our Love Tree ethos. And we're now spreading the love through our 1:1 Interior Styling services.

You can now book a complimentary 20-minute Showroom Consultation with one of qualified Interior Stylists.

 This 1:1 appointment can be held in our Prahran Showroom or virtually. In this consult you can discuss your interior needs and questions with one of our Stylists. You will then receive a follow-up email with a quote with the furniture and accessories suggestions discussed in the appointment. 

If you've been eyeing off a couple of Love Tree pieces, but are unsure how they'll go in the space? If they'll fit? What they'll look good with? Then it's time to call in our experts.

To help reassure you that booking a Showroom Styling Consult is just what you need, we've listed 5 reasons why should work with our Interior Stylists. 

1. Trained expertise

Our stylists have renovated, decorated and styled many a home before. It's what they love, what they know and what they trained for. Choosing the right colours, fabrics and furniture in your home can have a huge impact on the way it feels, so making these decisions with someone who knows what they're talking about ensures you're getting a well thought through look. 

2. Saves time

All the going back and fourth between decisions can really prolong the process of getting your room/s complete. Having a stylist to bounce your ideas off, make product suggestions and sometimes even be a mediator between two parties (yes styling your home can really show a split of opinions 😜) will ensure that things get selected and done in a timely manner. 

3. An eye for detail

Sometimes it's the little things that really make a home, and sometimes these little things get overlooked. A sculptural vase there, an oval shaped mirror here or a tall planter in the corner; it's these small details that our stylists are exceptional at bringing together. 

4. Refine your personal style 

When it comes to interiors, we all have our own style. From mid-century, glam, boho, minimalist and everything else in between. The trick is to be able to reflect and execute your personal style/s in a tasteful and practical way. Interior stylists work to refine your style/s and offer up a scheme blends functionality, style and wow factor. 

5. The wow-factor

Speaking of the the 'wow-factor'. By engaging the help of an interior stylist, you're going to be offered that out-of-box ideas and solutions you might not have thought of. Creating the wow-factor is all about styling a home that you're proud of and that you LOVE. Our stylist can help you achieve this.