We are Melbourne born, with a bohemian bent.

10 years ago, in 2012, Love Tree Interiors (The Family Love Tree) put down roots at our first store in Victoria Street, Richmond.

Lovingly grown by founder Katie Graham and now flourishing in Australian homes everywhere, Love Tree Interiors draws on the energy and ingenuity that rushes around this eclectic and creative city, but with a peaceful and seductive tone that comes from our love for all things lush, loose and harmonious.

Founded on an aesthetic of lush Bohemia, with a distinctly modern twist, it would be our rattan Peacock range that initially put us on the maps, most notable the iconic Peacock Chair, from all small things - big things grow!

While Love Tree has now flourished into a bona fide Melbourne icon, we still pride ourselves on crafting beautiful vintage inspired furniture and homewares, that harness the best of contemporary style and sustainable craftsmanship.

Designed locally and handcrafted globally, we are committed to never mass-producing and always protecting the lives and the environments of the beautiful communities who help create our products.

Most of our furniture is upholstered with fabrics that are OEK O-TEX Certified and our factory in Vietnam that produces our Parker Range is sustainable and carbon-neutral, from furniture parts to materials, transportation, durability and the production itself. The factory is powered by solar, supports carbon offset projects and environmental NGO's to developing new furniture fabric made out of recycled, biodegradable and sustainable materials.

The rattan used in our hand woven bedheads, chairs, tables and cabinets comes from the liana plant. It’s a sustainable material that roots itself in the soil and grows up to 100 meters high onto trees in the rainforests. Rattan grows all year round and provides an alternative to logging. Rattan planting and harvesting is one way to restore the decreasing population of trees and forests.

Our philosophy to style is free-flowing, we love to clash colours with textures and regularly break the decorating rules. After all, love is really simple. It is passionate and sensual yet diverse and lively. That’s the kind of love we like to spread!

Visit us, and make yourself at home at our beautiful store on Chapel Street, Prahran, complete with cafe Kookaburra’s Kanteen, - serving delicious coffee and healthy treats.

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