Australian Photographer Derek Swalwell Love Tree Interiors

Australian Photographer Derek Swalwell

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Australian photographer Derek Swalwell is one busy man! Not only traversing the globe on incredible location shoots but also gracing the pages of top design, lifestyle and architectural magazines, Derek's photography is highly regarded (and in demand!) both nationally and internationally. When he's not out on location Derek is working away in his light filled studio in Prahran, Melbourne. We have been lucky to work with Derek on some of our amazing Family Love Tree shoots and thought to share our recent chat with you! xx

A beautiful component of your shots are the inclusion of the human experience within a space. How important is it for you to illustrate or include people in your design work?

I'd say 100% important! In most cases I can't see how you can successfully explain a living space for example, in a photograph without including people using the space. I like to offset the people into the background, or have them incidentally in frame.

The evolution of photography has been so rapid in the digital landscape. How have you embraced these developments/changes within your own practice?

You say rapid, where I see it as gradual and for me, very much anticipated. From an early stage I employed the digital tools needed to keep my work abreast of technology, and the rest of the photographic community. Digital cameras, applying myself to digital techniques and trends.

You must experience so many amazing and diverse spaces with your work. How has this influenced your own personal space at home?

Well that's a good question… You see it's almost like, well where do you start ? It's almost like i've seen too much! I am about to embark on a redesign of my own home, and it's been a really enjoyable process, although I keep changing my mind on small things because I keep seeing great ideas for living at other people 's places …

How do you describe your studio space and do you have many clients visit?

My studio is a bright, light filled, loft space in Prahran. High ceilings, built I think roughly 1950s. It's such a versatile space. I've shot lots of differing work here. A lot of interior product, linen, food, people .. as a lot of my work is natural light biased… I use the studio a lot! It's also good to have a base to work generally speaking. Clients do visit regularly … and from all accounts love it!

“The creative mind plays with the objects it loves” (C.Jung) … What are these for you?

I love made objects. Beautifully finished furniture, objects and art.

All photographs by Derek Swalwell, for more of Derek's beautiful work visit his website.