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Night Palm: Discover the Enchanting Allure of Tiffany Howell

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Night Palm is an acclaimed Los Angeles-based interior design company founded by head designer Tiffany Howell. 

Why are we so in love with Night Palm?  Perhaps it's our love for all things Vintage, but it's the ecelctism that draws us to Tiffany's work.  What sets Night Palm apart is Tiffany's discerning taste and her innate ability to blend vintage charm with contemporary elements. With an impeccable eye for detail, she creates a harmonious fusion of styles that delights the senses.
Step into a realm where moody color palettes and carefully crafted lighting evoke a sense of intrigue. Mirrored walls reflect the beauty of the surroundings while sheer chinoiserie pendant lights gracefully hang above dining tables adorned with exquisite vintage glassware and vases.
The interior design choices at Night Palm go beyond conventional boundaries. Wallpapered walls and ceilings envelop a plush velvet banquette, encircling a captivating vintage rattan dining table. Below, a stunning 1970s terracotta tiled floor adds warmth to the space.
Contempory artworks complete the look, as does the simplicity of floral arrangements and plants.

"Born out of a passion for design, fashion, music and cinema, Tiffany founded Night Palm after a successful career as a director, stylist, production designer and head of legendary fashion photographer Herb Ritts’ music video agency."


"Often described as lush, moody and romantic, our designs reflect a deep love of color, textures and 1960's and 70's European design and architecture. Our highly collaborative process mixes sensory studies, curated music playlists, architectural tours and creative workshops in order to dig deep into our clients' personalities, lifestyles and functional preferences in order to create a design and vibe that's sexy and original."

"Her portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of design from high-end residential homes to some of the most sought-after commercial properties (bars, restaurants, office spaces, boutique hotels and retail environments)."
Night Palm offers a comprehensive range of interior design services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.