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Malibu House Tour

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Today we are celebrating our favorite "House Tour" of the moment, featuring this fabulous Spanish Colonial Ranch in Malibu.

Recently showcased in Architecture Digest, this magnificent house designed by La La Reimagined captures the essence of a luxurious Mediterranean resort.

Owned by a prominent Hollywood power player and his family, this house boasts breathtaking seashore views that create a picturesque backdrop for the unique design. We are excited to share how the designers have meticulously curated a blend of vintage and new furniture sourced from various corners of the world. 

Prepare to be amazed by the attention to detail that went into every aspect of this home. From the exquisite pink-and-green Milanese tiles to the remarkable Arched Cane Chairs imported all the way from Australia, the designers spent years thoughtfully collecting each piece, ensuring they perfectly complemented the overall design concept.
The investment of time and patience required to complete this home was truly worthwhile, resulting in the creation of something truly magical.
The interior design of the house effortlessly encapsulates the spirit of summer with its refreshing pistachio hues and an eclectic mix of vintage furniture. These key elements contribute to the distinctiveness of this home.

“We wanted it to feel like they traveled to one of their favorite spots in France or Italy, like a beautiful boutique hotel on the Mediterranean... says interior designer, Lia McNairy.

“We used a lot of wicker, a lot of vintage pieces sourced from flea markets, and also high-end pieces, but nothing too precious.”

The true ambition of the designers was to curate a collection of furniture and decor that had never been seen before. They scoured design galleries, flea markets, antique stores, and collaborated with talented craftspeople from all over the world. Their relentless pursuit of unique pieces has resulted in a truly magical and awe-inspiring end result.

This house is a testament to the design team's commitment and patience, and it's evident in every corner of this beautiful dwelling. They have managed to seamlessly blend vintage pieces with new additions, preserving the home's original fixtures such as the timeless timber floors and striking built-in mantles. The abundance of natural light flooding the interiors creates an atmosphere that feels like a permanent holiday.

We hope that this House Tour inspires you as much as it has captivated us with its clever and thoughtful celebration of vintage and new furniture. It's a testament to the power of exceptional design and the transformative nature it can have on a space, brimming with endless style possibilities for your own abode.