Bangalore Vase Bloomingville
Bangalore Vase Bloomingville

Bangalore Vase

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Bangalore Vase

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Bangalore Vase the Statement piece.

Paper mache bowls, trays, vases etc. were traditionally used as food storage vessels in home throughout much of India.

30.5cm in diameter x 60cm high.

This vase is made from cellulose fibres and converted into pulp. The material comes from wood fibre, recycled newspaper, some vegetable matter, and recycled cloth. The pulp is soaked in water and then put in a stone mortar and ground so that all the pulp is uniform in its consistency. These are mixed and held together with the help of binders. After the pulp is ready, wooden or brass moulds are used to give it the required shape. Several layers of pulp are laid one over the other till the required thickness has been obtained and the object has taken a shape.

This item is only for decoration. Do not fill with water.

Dust gently