Spring Styling ideas for your home

It's officially Spring! (Emphasis on the word 'officially'). If you're from Melbourne like us, you're probably still feeling the Winter chill. 😅 But that's not to say we shouldn't get into the spritely spirit of the new season.

Here are our top ideas to let Spring begin to blossom in your home. 

1. Flower power

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ring in the new season is to add an array of fresh flowers or potted plants. From stunning centrepieces to bedside single stems, there’s no place in your home that couldn’t use a few flowers - and to show them off we’ve got an abundance of bloom-ready vases and pots.


2. Pattern Play

Spring is a time of optimism and possibility - there’s that feeling in the air that anything can happen. What better time to mix and match your soft furnishings and introduce some adventurous prints and playful patterns. 

Check out our latest collection of House of Hackney cushions to add a bit of floral or even an out there animal print to your living space or bedroom.


3. Add some colour

As the world blossoms around us, it’s only natural that some of that colour should spill into our interiors. With dreamy sorbet tones the Parker range is the perfect antidote to the muted shades that have dominated our winter wares.

If you're looking to refresh your bedroom, perhaps the statement Cher Bed Head in Sherbet or Spruce is the perfect option to add some pop.

4. Out with the old

While doing your Spring clean, why not take the time to declutter. Store away extra throws or blankets that were needed in Winter. You might even want to change up your accessories, moving to a more minimalist look for the warmer seasons. 


5. Get ready to entertain

We’ve hibernated for long enough! Now’s the time to ready your hosting game by refreshing your tabletop with our beautiful range of dinner and glassware.

Change up your dining space with new chairs like the bestselling Medusa.