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A guide to styling the Cher Headboard

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She’s vibrant, playful, and ready to give your bedroom that dose of personality you’ve been dreaming of. With a distinctive trio panelled vintage look fabric, perfectly sectioned with neutral contrast binding, our cushy Cher Bed Head makes for one glamorous get-up.

You might be wondering how one would style such a bold beauty, so we're here to share some tips...

First, a choice of colour

With two dazzling shades to choose from, our styling journey begins with selecting the right one for your space (lucky there's only two!).

Cher in Spruce features and dusty aqua, true teal and emerald green. All linked together with natural coloured piping. This colour palette works well with warm coloured walls and either dark or light flooring. A moodier option of the two, Cher's Spruce offers elegance as well as wow factor. 

Cher in Sherbet boasts a delicious rainbow of pale pink, sunflower yellow and gorgeous coral, all tied together with natural coloured piping.

This brighter hued headboard really pops against a white wall and elevates a light coloured floor. Cher in Sherbet channels a retro-modern take on the bolder 'feel good' colour trend that's taken off in 2022. 

Perhaps you'd like to add a Bianca Ball Cushion in one of the four matching colours. 

Layer with linen

What's a show-stopping bed head like Cher, without just the right set of bedding to match?

For a tone-on-tone look, that keeps Cher the focus of the room, we say select a set of linen in one coordinating colour. 

Another direction is to emphasis your sleeping zone even more with pattern and texture. Try a check, stripe or even a floral duvet to add to this luxe look. 

A ravishing rug

Every statement maker needs a stage, and what better place to sit your new Cher bed, than a ravishing rug. 

Continue the tone-on-tone look with a textured, plain coloured rug, a large vintage number or a geometric pattern like the one pictured below is more your style. 


Cher bed head Spruce

Accessories to match

It's only right to continue this show-stopping look with decor and accessories, that speak just as loud as Cher does.

For bedside tables, the colourful Lulu or Ayah sit just right next to the arch of Cher. Or mix things up with a Diana Accent Chair on one side. 

If you're looking to bring in some natural tones, our Lantana or Latitude bedsides will add a botanical feel. 

Add more geometric lines with sculptural glass vases, a quirky wall mirror or some repetition with the dome shaped Domino lamp.