Statement Sofas styled by our Customers

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Our range of statement sofas love to steal the show. 

Our sofas are available in scrumptious colours and luxurious textures, with curves in all the right places. Our best selling Curve Lounge and Cube Couch have made the perfect addition to our customers spaces, from minimalist studios to maximalist living rooms. So, we thought we'd walk you through a few of our favourite sofa scenarios as styled by our customers.

The Cube Couch at Studio Beton

We love what the team over at Studio Beton have done with our Cube Couch in Maya. Located in Sydney, Studio Beton is a creative space and photography studio available to hire for all your content needs. Meaning you can also style and enjoy the sculptural lines of this show stopping sofa. 


The Curve Lounge at Cali Hair

Another vision in white, our Curve Lounge in Maya soaks up all the sun in the waiting space of Cali Hair on the Gold Coast. We personally couldn't think of a better space to wait for your new do! 

This best selling sofa is making a return in October. There's only limited quantities, so we recommend you pre-order this perfect piece ASAP. 


The Curve Lounge styled by Liberty Interiors

Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors is no stranger to Love Tree's signature statement style - she manages to work our pieces into her projects in the most tasteful way. We're big fans of her recently completed South Yarra interior fit out, that features the luxe Curve Lounge in Petrol. This timeless space really is the perfect setting for a sculptural, velvet settee. 


The Curve Lounge at En Gold

Our good friends over at En Gold always do wonders with our Curve Lounge in their Melbourne showroom. En Gold's signature stone furniture range pairs ever so perfectly with our soft and sculptural sofas. There's no denying the duo displayed here are a match made in heaven. 


The Cube Couch styled by MW Interior Architect 

We're heart-eyeing this monochrome magnificence by @mw_interior_architect. This may be a display apartment, but boy-oh-boy does the Cube Couch make this space feel like somewhere we'd love come home to at the end of the day. 

Are you loving your Love Tree Sofa? We'd love to see it in your space! Tag us on Instagram @thefamilylovetree.