6 easy ways to refresh any space

Life is busy! Who has the time, energy (or budget) for a full-on room reno every time we want to refresh our space?

Life is busy! Who has the time, energy (or budget) for a full-on room reno every time we want to refresh our space? 

So, we’re showing you 6 home decor essentials that will give your home instant oomph, without breaking the bank (or picking up a paintbrush – we promise!) 


1. Full-Length Mirror

An easy way to bounce light around your space is with a full-length mirror. A tall mirror will add a sense of height to a room that may have low ceilings. The simplicity of our popular rattan Lantana Floor Mirror will suit any room in the house, from your bedroom, bathroom, hallway or living room. Plus you can check yourself out every time you walk past 😉.


2. Add a planter or two (or three!)

There’s no denying that adding a little green to your space will instantly freshen up a dull or empty corner. At Love Tree, we’re a little plant obsessed (well, it is in our name!). We recommend lifting your plants up, right where they belong, with a couple of our rattan planters. Now, when it comes to picking the right green leafy friend for your space, we find that Monsteras are super kind to all levels of green thumbs.

3. Fresh new rug

Rugs really do have the power to transform a space. They can take a room from drab to fab. The other amazing thing about rugs is that the options are almost endless. Wanting to achieve simple and neutral vibe? Add a sisal or textural weave rug. Want to make a statement? Go from something with pattern or colour.

4. Cushions

Whether it’s swapping out a couple of your most worn scatters, or layering your sofa with a whole new curated collection, nothing freshens up a living room like cushions. It’s a good idea to mix up shapes; maybe adding one of our Bianca Balls. We love adding different texture and colours, including our range of linen throw cushions. And if space allows, why not add a floor cushion.


5. Decorative objects

Where there is a bare surface, see it as an opportunity to add personality and visual interest. Fireplace mantels make great spots for treasured objects, artwork and candlesticks, as they tend to be out of reach from little hands. Deep window sills should also not be forgotten about. And if your coffee table isn’t yet styled, then read our guide on styling yours here.

6. Lamps

Mood lighting is EVERYTHING. Yes, your down lights are the ones to light up your space, but table and floor lamps are also a must. Creating the right ambience for movie night, a dinner party or getting cosy in Winter is crucial. Our Sun Palm Floor Lamp adds just the right amount of Hollywood glam and golden rays.