Top 5 Interior Trends of 2023 Love Tree Interiors

Top 5 Interior Trends of 2023

As far as trends go, we prefer to set them rather than follow. But when it comes to interiors, there’s certainly some statement styles that have captured our attention this year. 

Inspired by iconic designers from around the globe, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 interior trends that are giving creative direction to our product design, merchandising and overall ‘vibe’ of Love Tree in 2023.


Zoe Foster Blake x YSG Studio. Photographed by Anson Smart. Styled by Felicity Ng.

1. Visual Voyage

What we want to feel in a space has shifted. There’s a desire to feel transported, to be wow-ed and surprised. This comes down to mixing and clashing textures, colours and furniture styles.

It seems that the days of beige-on-beige may be behind us - and we couldn't be more excited. 

We only have to look at the recent weird and wonderful home of Lily Allen, or for a closer to home example, the show-stopping Sydney adobe of Zoe Foster Blake - designed by the YSG Studio (one of the hottest Australian interior design studios right now). 

We hear reference to this visual voyage trend straight from the source in Vogue Living’s Summer Style Guide. “Throw the rulebook out of your travel carriage. Mix pastels with primaries and welcome complementary clashes instead of fixating on tonal matching. Blend roughs with smooths, matt with sheen and never, never stick to just one style genre; create your own utopia. Be free, let loose. Don’t think, just do—go!”  - Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem, Founder of YSG Studio.

This year we're taking you on a journey to Hollywood in the 70's with our Golden Hour Collection. For a more relaxed coastal vibe, we're transporting you to a Spanish seaside town with our Palma Range



Canyon House by Studio Hagen Hall. Photograph by Mariell Lind Hansen.

2. Earthy Tones 

As much as we’re all about colour clashes in 2023, there’s no denying that the warm earthy tones are going to dominate in interior design. 

From creams and clay, to pinks and mauves - it's the soft, romantic colours we’ll be seeing in homes this year. Los Angeles based designer Jake Arnold has called it, “Mauve, peach, corals—I’m loving shades of pink right now. It feels feminine and a softer way to incorporate color.”

Our two most popular hues in our Parker Range are Peach and Cream, and we’ll be expanding our range with his earthy colour palette with new pieces like our Electra Dining Chair in Rust.

Another earthy hue of the moment is brown. You could even say it's replaced beige - and in a big way. Perhaps a marker of this trend was the Pantone and Sarah Eillison’s collaboration to create the new colour Piccolo. The retro brown colour was used in the Australian designer’s latest Float sofa design. 


3. Sustainability becomes a non-negotiable

Sustainability has been a buzz word across many industries over the last few years - and rightfully so. But we’re now at the point where being sustainable is expected by consumers, not just an alternative option.

Almost all the big interior designers from around the world say that sustainable design is amongst their top priorities in 2023. And its one of our too.

At Love Tree Interiors, we’re proud that rattan is a sustainable resource that is fast growing and harvested by hand. Its unique relationship with the forest means that its habitat is maintained and ensures the delicate ecosystem is preserved. 

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Rodman Primack Mexico City Residence

4. The return of the 70s

There seems to be no end to the retro revival and the increasing popularity of vintage wares. Last year we called the 80’s our era of inspiration, but in 2023 it's about the groovy 70’s. 

A decade of style that’s close to our heart, 70’s interior design is characterised by relaxed and reclined furniture, warm and rich tones such as honey, clay and parrika, interesting shapes and timber textures. 

We’ve paid tribute to the 70’s in the form of our Contour Collection. Drawing on contour lines and upholstered in unique textural fabrics, this collection makes the perfect statement piece.


Kelly Wearstler's Malibu residence. Photographed by The Ingalls.

5. Sculptural shapes and tactile textures

Forget less, it's now more is more. 2023 will see the layering of texture and the variety of shapes. 

Statement sculptural shapes have always been our jam, and this year we’re delighted to see them making their mark on more than just homewares and accessories. Curved sofas, off-shaped coffee tables and obscure wall art. 

When it comes to texture, it's all about feeling. Think soft leathers, natural timber and shaggy sherpa. 

Our best selling Curve Sofa and latest arrival Stevie Sofa both combine sculptural style and tactile texture. Still must have pieces.